Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Facebook and the social advertising

In this article we treat the so-called Social Advertising: recent phenomenon is that, generically, referring to the use of advertising space within social networks. We will analyze the implications that these tools will inevitably bring with them implications not only "technology", but also cultural and social.

We will organize our discussion by assuming Facebook as a reference model for the explosion that social networking has reached (almost global users active over the internet) shape as the undisputed leader in the industry, both for his contribution in this field from known social network. We will discuss both the user profiling: ways in which you collect information about people of different types of advertising is possible, not failing, however, to leave some advice even to those who wanted to experiment with these strategies firsthand. In this article will follow a specific study dedicated to the specific platform of Facebook.

Understanding the Social-Advertising

But what exactly is social-advertising? What is it specifically? This term (which has nothing to do with "social advertising" - e.g. public service announcements and the like - that promotes changes in the areas of public interest, such as health, medicine, environment, etc..) Is usually called the particular type of advertising that, unlike the old model which proposed knowledge-based ads on the page of a site or the documents it contains, is based on knowledge of the information about the user.

The evolution of advertising on the web has followed definite trends. We have gone from general advertising to that indiscriminately run contextual content contained within the page, until you get there - to this day - the development of a real social-advertising intelligence that will be specific to our discussion.

Facebook itself, in the words of its founder and creator Mark Zuckerberg (2007) attempts to provide an explanation for this phenomenon: "Social actions are Powerful Because They act as trusted referrals and Reinforce the repute people influence people."

Social actions are powerful because they act and are based on networks of trust that people establish between them. Here, then, that in the words of the founder of the famous social networking sites (SNS) is read as it is no longer a mere matter of messages or advertisements that are sent and paid out by companies, but this information is shared among friends and co-constructed and acquaintances. These social actions are therefore the basis for the construction, not only a new model of communication and relationship, but a new model of marketing and business.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

How To Write Effective Web Content

Today more than ever are gaining considerable importance for the web content. Faced with a choice of countless sources, companies, resources, what is preferable to a competitor? Surely the text content of our site and how it was prepared. Observing the behavior of the most common browsers, it is evinced that what we are looking into the content network.
A visit to a web page always has a purpose, which is to find useful information on what is the need of the navigation at the time. And the information is mostly contained in the texts. The quality of text placed in the network becomes very important when we talk about a business site because only the user of this network can perceive its value and reliability. If what is reported in our text is not written correctly or not is approximate and will certainly be attractive compared to our preferred another site. So how can you write content for the web that is attractive to our readers? First of all the Web content must be grammatically correct and original: it is inconvenient to copy from other sites and if you do you must cite the sources from which they drew.
As you may well engage our readers with interesting topics and up to date: it is unnecessary to write an article about how important it is for a company having a website if it is now common knowledge. Be more interesting to deal with a topic as can be to write content for the web, which today arouses most interest. Writing for the web is not like writing for print media. There are some simple rules to follow if you want to get good content for the web: First of all we must be more concise, writing only the information that we consider necessary and relevant. Then consider that a text designed for the web is not always linear; rather it is structured allowing the reader to investigate whether some issues. A well structured text is called hypertext. A hypertext includes links to words that lead to deeper issues related to the word itself. This gives the user freedom to roam and seek information only about the topics of greatest interest to him.
The language that we use will always be easy for newcomers: no lexical terms or too complex. Also, when you can, give the you to our reader is always a way to make him feel closer to us, our accomplice (a bit like I'm doing with you!) And a moderate humor can facilitate this operation. Most users do not read a web page in full (and who knows if you're still following me!) But merely to take a few phrases here and there, usually titles, highlighted by a body of text different from the rest of the content. That said it is very important to capture the attention of the visitor: if this does not happen in the first 30 seconds of page load, we can consider it lost.
The use of the web pages is dictated by a very fast pace: browsing is used to get the information you seek in no time. We must also take into account that the time of reading on screen are slower and that the view is more tiring than reading in print. To this end, it is good practice "disseminate" our text signals that capture the attention and allow a fragmentary reading: underline, bold, and division into paragraphs can greatly facilitate this operation. The contents should be well distributed within the page. A text is not too compact, easy to read: better less content, but well formatted.
Similarly also the excessive white space disorients the reader. The right balance between text and spaces, no underscores (which could be interpreted by the common user as a link) is the best way to draft from the graphical point of view our text. CAPS AND THE 'GOOD TITLES ONLY BECAUSE reserve it', AS YOU NOTE FROM THIS TEXT, VERY SLOW READING AND 'UNDERSTANDING OF DIFFICULT. So short texts, clear and well formatted will the success of your website content!

Friday, February 10, 2012

SEO promotion for your web site: why it important?

This time I try to write again about the importance of SEO for your web / blog. At this time I also want to give the good news to the loyal friend of this blog, that "LEARN AND EARN"   got promoted from GOOGLE to being ranked 1/10. This of course can’t be separated from your participation of visitors of this blog.
Back to SEO……

Having a presence on the internet does not mean creating a website and publish it online. Creating websites is only the first step to internet business. Many rely on web agency specializing in construction sites, you do realize the site, and expect to arrive after the contacts and sales. In fact, the mere publication is not enough, need targeted interventions aimed at optimizing the site and increase its popularity on the web. This work is part of the activities of web marketing search engine has found a promotional channel with the highest return on your initial investment. Every day millions users who use a search engine during the crossing, be present in the indexes of search engines is therefore essential to reach those looking for services or products you offer. First question should be: engine promotion plan to take and rely on a web agency specializing in creating websites and SEO oriented positioning on search engines. SEO and SEM are a programs that you need to know what you offer and to reach a target audience of potential customers are really interested in what you offer, and meet the latter exclusively in the very moment when they themselves seek and want your products. If you have invested to build the website you can save on your search engine promotion. If you have created a site is perfect in every aspect, not to invest in SEO activities involve the nullification of any investment discussed above for the design. Unless you have an already established brand, a very rare situation, your site will need a good program and SEO promotion and consolidation of the brand within a particular market segment. It 'a type of work that cannot be done "in house", because it requires knowledge and experience of years, essential to the effectiveness of the promotional campaign that is realized in the highest possible value of return on investments addressed.

The process of optimization of a web site focuses on a set of parameters that determine the relevance of a website in the eyes of search engines. The struggle by the latter to use force to achieve a high ranking on the engines, has requested, in recent years, a specialization within the industry, more and more specific and competent. All are characterized by key business SEO optimization stuffing and actions to limit the permitted have seen thousands of websites disappear from the indices of the results because of the worsening of classification algorithms of search engines. That's why you should obtain competent consultants that follow the real needs of most users without the engine.
With a campaign SEO SEM well planned and carried out by a competent agency web site will receive your qualified traffic, leads and sales will increase, with a return on the initial investment by far than any traditional promotional activities.

Monday, January 23, 2012

How to keep Your small business Living On a Recession

Some sort of recession is usually a big dilemma as soon as managing any good small business. Managing a profitable business as a result of a really hoping time period is usually worrisome to mention the very least. Here i will discuss several ways you can abide by to help keep your online business afloat as a result of most of these tough times.

Trying to keep Ones Little brown eyes with Just about every Aspect

It is necessary for any small business owner to repay focus to almost any adjusting movements which might be lead by using a downturn. Distinguish this impression these improvements in excess of your online business in-depth & in depth. In this article, you have to change very well while using the situation currently happening. Never ever seek to simulate stuff some others corporations usually are utilizing. You could have to think of some sort of sensible technique basing with your observations in addition to authentic impression on the downturn in excess of your online business.

Small business Streamlining

Definitely that has a downturn the opportunity connected with eliminate connected with small business gross sales, is usually potential. Lessened gains in addition to lessened profits can certainly enter some sort of food intended for tragedy on your small business. In this article, it is necessary to help streamline your online business in a manner that would work to the current circumstances.
-Cutting unwanted prices as a result of doable end of contract connected with pointless workers.
-Reduction connected with small business ventures might also guide.
-Optimize ones source cycle in a manner that could well be cost effective in addition to acceptable on your recent gross sales circumstances.
-Emphasize far more in excess of ones solution advertising campaign in addition to advertising and marketing to raise this lessened gross sales.

Have Sturdy with Tough times

Recall many firms is going as a result of quite a few important improvements in addition to instabilities on a time period in this way. It is necessary not to ever receive impacted by this adjusting circumstances with your small business. Fully grasp most of these improvements in addition to attain a robust foot-hold up against the recent turbulence to comprehend self confidence in addition to sturdy idea with the returning connected with achievements.

Possibly be Sturdy in addition to Vibrant

Become a sturdy in addition to true on your businessman purpose as a result of positioned sturdy in addition to complicated this improvements onward. Train yourself while using the adjusting situations in addition to do the job a tad trickier to settle aimed. Thinking about how one common purpose in addition to acknowledging that it is some sort of short-lived dilemma having ease ones target.

Include Hope

I'm sure it is hardy...... But just about every businessman must evaluate this period to be a good tutorial with the shiny foreseeable future. Just about every small business possesses it is struggling. Possibly be sturdy make your best effort in addition to employ many low-priced in addition to impressive advertising and marketing ways of beat this gotten current market. Such a technique generally is a going jewel to an increasingly effective small business.

Friday, January 13, 2012

9 Important Ways of Advertising Strategy for Your Internet Business

Developing a advertising strategy is really a requirement for just about any individual doing company. Whatever company a person take part in, you has to bottom your own advertising strategies on the nicely organized strategy therefore that you don't shed monitor as well as operate your company blindly. Maybe you have created one?

Remarkably, very few internet marketers consider developing a advertising strategy. These people simply start their own internet sites as well as wind up leaping in one unsuccessful advertising solution to an additional. However if you're the success-conscious internet marketer, you must have the CREATED ADVERTISING Intend to prevent performing points mistakenly. In the following paragraphs, I'd like in order to reveal to you 9 actions with regard to developing a prosperous advertising strategy.

1. To produce a prosperous advertising strategy, you have to study to comprehend the various on the internet advertising and marketing techniques. If you're the beginner, you'll need most of all in order to provide yourself along with a few understanding upon internet marketing before you decide to produce your own advertising strategy.

2. Realize your own marketplace as well as competitors. Discover very first exactly what the market is actually, what goes on inside it as well as exactly what it's developments tend to be.

Furthermore, obtain home elevators your competition through discovering that they're, exactly what these people market, that they market this, exactly what their own marketing techniques tend to be, why is all of them stick out, exactly how their own web sites tend to be, exactly what their own weak points tend to be as well as exactly what they do not provide you could provide. It is simple to understand this info through looking on the web.

3. Become familiar with correctly your own specific clients. You need to know that they're, exactly how so when these people purchase, exactly what their own difficulties tend to be, that options these people are searching for, that they react in order to find exactly what these people purchase, exactly what these people state as well as exactly what must fill up the actual space.

4. Find the placement of the company. Learn more about the merchandise you want to market or even market as well as the way you may placement your company. Discover what your own talents as well as weak points tend to be, your own area associated with company as well as knowledge, life as well as problems of the clients and also the various market organizations inside your occupation.

5. Create your own advertising communications. Your own strategy ought to involve in-depth home elevators exactly what your own manufacturer is actually, exactly what your specific feature, strap-line as well as advertising slogans is going to be. Keep in mind that your own communications need to trigger motion to become used. It is a cause why you ought to create all of them very carefully as well as strategically.

6. Arranged your own advertising objectives. An effective advertising strategy obviously spells away the actual eyesight for the company, what you need to attain, your particular attainable objectives as well as your focal points. Your own objectives need to be mentioned obviously within that they're not just WISE however also, they are WISER (particular, measurable, attainable, practical, period sure, prolonged as well as satisfying)

7. Figure out your own marketing techniques. Become familiar with the actual marketing techniques rivals make use of as well as exactly what functions for you personally greatest basing in your talents, understanding, abilities as well as capability. Concentrate on exactly how you're going to get new clients and gaze after aged types too.

8. Create your financial allowance. Whenever building your financial allowance, bottom about the marketing techniques you've chosen to look for the complete price of the advertising strategies, the actual assets you have to purchase your own advertising as well as exactly what your own roe is going to be. Using an advertising spending budget is really a crucial in order to developing a prosperous advertising strategy.

9. Chart your own online marketing strategy. Developing a prosperous advertising strategy demands a person to pay attention to the way you may improvement within every single facet of your own strategy. You need to concentrate on exactly what is required to setup your company and also the actions as well as useful measures to become used. Task your own expected hurdles as well as deadlines as well as the way you may monitor, assess as well as evaluation your own technique.

Lastly, using a advertising strategy is really a requirement for just about any success-conscious internet marketer. Also have this created lower as well as allow it to be because easy as possible. Your own advertising strategy acts because your own manual. It is your own dedication which allows you to stroll your own street in order to achievement inside a organized method. For those who have already been performing points haphazardly, it is about time a person produced the advertising arrange for your web business.

Friday, January 6, 2012

International SEO, the way to be found in foreign markets

SEO Web Marketing is an activity that allows companies to make visible on search engines like Google pages of their websites in an organized manner and without having to resort to paid advertisements in the Google AdWords program.

Optimization for search engines (Search Engine Optimization) company of the pages of a site, such as an e-commerce site that sells shoes, is carried out using different methodologies and different. One of the most neglected by many companies who use the Internet as a vehicle for customer relations or who wish to sell their products through an e-commerce site is the internationalization of their website.

The aspect that is often overlooked by those who have an international clientele that is not enough to translate the text on the site in English. Have a section in English or German or French will have virtually no effect on the traffic coming from search engines. This is because not everyone knows that being in the top positions for a particular keyword on the search engine not necessarily be in the top positions in the UK version of Google. We can imagine the different national versions of Google:,,,, as so many separate markets. A Frenchman who seeks information and products on Google will be automatically ported to, which is the transalpine version of Google. A German will be brought on the German version of Google whose URL is

So, if our potential customers live in Germany, we should place our site in the top positions of search results on But what we must do to be first on the different national markets Google?

The answer to this question is very simple to understand and require little effort on the part of companies that want to land on the international markets. The first thing to consider is the domain name.

Specifically, we must take into account the fact that the extension for Google. Clearly it indicates that our company website is an Italian site. If our company had a website domain name Google would be inclined to think that it is a German site. Of course there are other parameters that identify the nationality of a site, but this factor is crucial. And what happens when our website although it is located in Italy with Italian hosting server has the extension. Com? In this case, Google recommends using one of two methods. The first method is the third-level domain name or sub domain: or uk.nostrositoaziendale. The second method is to a subfolder with the indication of nationality: / or de / UK where de indicates Germany or German and UK indicate the United Kingdom or English.

That's it? Of course not. If you have to sell to customers who do not speak your language and culture not your own you have to make the effort to think like them. A German customer expects to find on your site is attending the same things that other sites in Germany. The first thing you will naturally take care of the text to be written in the language of the market. Who will write the text on the site should be as a native speaker and this seems unnatural to avoid the eyes of your customers. A language is not just words, but in special moods from culture. It may take even dialect or slang words. Also you have to understand the attitude of that particular population against a site: you trust? Buy online? They tend to be formal?

Let us recall for example that in German there is a third person pronoun are equivalent to our formal English you while you only use you. I at this point we understand how the costs can increase substantially because you might find in the situation of having to manage multiple sites. Nevertheless, we do not need to host websites on hosting foreign markets. In practice, if our target is France is enough to have a site with texts written in French, but there is no need to buy hosting space in France, the Italian will be just fine. All this, however, if we stay in Europe and we do not consider markets as far away as Brazil and Japan. In these cases, to avoid slow connection or aspects of a legal nature (in Brazil is particularly difficult and expensive to buy domains if you are a resident) is preferable to rely on a local hosting company. It must be said, then, that Google is not the only search engine worldwide.

Bing, the Microsoft search engine, has achieved significant market shares by reducing U.S. only 65% of Google searches by Americans. Furthermore, the influence of both Google and Bing stops at the Western world. Examples of popular search engines are Yandex east - - which is used in the countries of 'the former Soviet Union and recently in Turkey and Baidu - - which is the leading Chinese language search engine. Although these search engines other than Google's rules and peculiar ways that are important to understand to be visible in those markets, but the complexity is such that real specialists for search engines oriental.


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