Friday, September 23, 2011

How to identify the type of site to be carried out to make money online

Learning Today Earning Tomorrow
Until some time ago, the creation of a website was available only to technical experts, today thanks to the use of CMS and the many programs that allow editing of a site, anyone can achieve it without having any advanced knowledge of the language HTML.

Despite this opportunity, I think it is necessary to have the basic concepts to achieve and maintain a site with some knowledge of the facts.

First of all pages that form a web site must fulfill specific functions:

    * Be of interest to visitors from an aesthetic and commercial;
    * Advertise the business or service in a way clear to correct;
    * Provide all the necessary information;
    * Guide the user in a user-friendly navigation.

This can be possible only if the pages are simple, clear, complete, interesting and structured so that the load on your part does not require excessive time.

Each web page must have 4 key features:

    * Identifiable: each page must be easily identifiable and be charged as soon as possible to make it visible to the user;
    * Attraction: the visitor must be justified in finding the pages even after their submission, will pass only after analyzing the offer;
    * Clear: you should easily understand everything that is presented;
    * Dynamic: some animation can help make the page interesting and lively.

In creating a website is necessary to consider various factors that may characterize, so before you put it on, I think we should do preparatory work in terms of:

    * Company logo;
    * Keywords (phrases and words describing the page);
    * Custom images such as banners, icons, navigation buttons, various decorative elements;
    * Colors sober and not exaggerated;
    * Audio and video elements;

I also think some basic rules that you should follow to build a successful site with which to earn money online.

    * Customization of pages: who wants to offer products / services not available in generic pages, each page on the contrary to attract attention and differentiate?
    * Is the optimal length of the web page (this deserves a separate discussion between two solutions to assess, several pages or a few short pages long);
    * Speed of loading: absolutely need to create pages for faster loading from the user. Pictures, graphics, banners, video and audio must be loaded into a period of 10-20 seconds, which means keeping the page on a maximum weight of around 70/80 KB. If not, many visitors may abandon the site because of the long and tedious waiting time.
    * Feedback page on the Internet: It is important that each page has its own identification and this happens through the URL. It is also necessary that through visualization of 'URL you understand the meaning of the page you are' to view.
    * Appropriate language: the language of the site is crucial to be able to have a positive impact. It should not be formal, nor informal. It should be appreciated by the target segment to be achieved.

What do you think? Programs as the creation of your website or your pages?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to Earn Money Online

Most people think that to earn money online you need to have websites with lots of traffic, and the only way you can really earn money online.

It is true that if one has a site like this can earn a handsome of money per month, but this and the more difficult path to earn money online, because most of the niches of the market, with a high number of searches per month, have a lot of competition and for a single person is almost impossible to overtake the competition, having them available to people who deal with the paid site every day.

It a counter-sense to open a site in a niche market like that and compete with similar sites. You can also do, but do not be surprised if at the end of the month your income does not exceed 10 euro’s.
So how to make more money?

Earning money online is actually very easy, just find a niche market where people need help to solve a problem, and you are able to help. So if you work in a bank at this time, you must identify the common problems of people with banks and offer them a solution, or if you travel often to America and see that people are interested to know how to open a company in this country, first go to inform you how you can open a company and then offer advice to interested persons. Obviously these are just some examples to get you to understand the right way.

But always remember that you have to work with a niche market with a low volume of searches, so you have to completely forget adsense and other advertising systems like this because you are just a waste of time and do not earn enough.

The real money you have, when people are interested in the subject that deals directly and pay you to have your own advice (for your help, etc.).

My Choice

I chose to do the SEO consultant, I've seen a lot of experience in the field, and I assure you that I earn much more than my old job and with less effort, then work where and when I like without worrying about anything.

I'll tell you just to make you understand that you do not need special equipment to make money online and only a matter of making the right choice at the right time.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Techniques of Market Position

Many complain that their product is equal to that of the competition and therefore the sale can only be achieved by playing at a lower price. To answer the question: How do you sell a product without lowering the price?

So listen carefully: we sell to customers without lowering the price, knowing the positioning techniques.

Definition of positioning in marketing: Place a product in the market means to identify a space and then be able to do it crucial to differentiate from the competition. By choosing a particular type of placement, the customer can (and should) feel the uniqueness of your product and get away from that previously purchased.

The techniques of positioning claim if the sellers have a positive impact on motivation and behavior of the customer to buy.

Let's see some positioning techniques:

First go to study why customers buy the product of competition. Doing market research.  Should be clear the degree of customer loyalty or disloyalty to the product. Analyze every facet of your search, go to root out the hidden reasons why the customer buys from others.
For example, each customer has a specific psychological predisposition. Customers will pay more attention towards new products, different behaviors, compared to customers less attentive. Not all customers are likely to again. So you know too much dose a marketing campaign to push new product or technology.

Here are possible alternatives for the positioning, which does not have a target to reduce the price of the product that I recommend:

The differentiating features to be highlighted to the customer: quality, good packaging, and corporate branding. Ease-of-use consumption, after-sales service etc...

You may also re-evaluate the following: if your product has long been on the market, would it be to check the image on the market. It may be that it no longer matches the goals you have set with the new positioning. The images have two completely different and perhaps even in opposition could lose the necessary credibility that a product must have a certain market segment.

And if you want to sell a product at a high price?

If there is a high price should be well clear differentiation that characterizes it. It can be highlighted through an advertising campaign and promotional support, as well as through a series of elements such as the presentation of the product, its brand name, status, service connected, the exclusiveness etc...

Now you know how you could make working on positioning your product more competitive, even raising the price.
My advice is to not take the easy way Sag price, because in the long run affect the profitability of your business. Take your cue from the recommendations that I suggested to change other variables marketing.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

How To Convince Consumers

If you want to sell, We have to be convincing when you speak. The customer has to say yes to our proposal. Not only in sales but also when speaking in public is necessary to be convincing.
Here are the successful techniques for quickly improving their communication skills.

First of all, take a sheet of paper and answer these questions:

   1. What is the main interest of my party (customer / public)?
   2. What do I get with my operation?
   3. What is the main message I want to communicate?
   4. What are the most important topics I want to exhibit?
   5. With such examples can I explain?

Write it on paper.

If your appointment prior to any customer or prior to a meeting or before a public speech, you do this exercise, you will be able to be more focused and your speech will improve the structure and conduct.

Now take another sheet of paper and write what you want to provoke emotions in the audience or your customer: I give you some examples to be clearer:

    * I would like to arouse enthusiasm among my colleagues and urge them to achieve the objectives.
    * I wish to reassure my new client on my company's new products.
    * I want to win the sympathies of my head to improve my work situation.

An important principle to keep in mind: Depending on the emotions that you will want to lead in the recipient, will change the way you communicate. Depending on what you get from your recipient will change the way you communicate.

Now close your eyes and imagine you are in front of your potential clients or in front of your audience. Imagine the situation as realistically as you can, the place, as you are dressed, the meeting room or conference room. Now think: what is the message I want to communicate at the beginning of my visit or event?

With eyes closed, imagine you say. And then you write that phrase on a sheet of paper.

Now close your eyes and imagine again the situation first with a small but significant change:
What is the final sentence that you would like to say to your potential customer or your audience? Write this as well.

So let's recap, now you should have written (and thus know):

   1. What do your customers or your audience?
   2. What emotions you want to encourage reaching your goals.
   3. The initial message to create interest to you.
   4. The final sentence to be memorable.

Not very true!

Now some self-analysis :) replies to these questions, this time is personal:

How important is for me the subject I have to treat?

What fascinates me the most, what I really care?

What worries me, irritates me most about this topic?

What is for me the most important part of the theme?

There is a personal experience that brings me back to the theme of the speech and that I can somehow tell?

By answering these questions try to be honest with yourself. If you have problems with some of these solve the doubts with the help of other articles of this blog.

The time now is forming the content of the conversation of sale or public speaking. But you have other questions to be answered to improve this content:

    * What are my basic tenets?
    * Like the reason?
    * What topics are most important?

I suggest you spend a lot of time researching and writing the answers. The real juice comes from the answer to these.

So here is a summary schedule your surgery:

   1. Introduction
   2. Description of facts
   3. Theses formulated with personal opinions
   4. Motivation of the thesis
   5. Summary
   6. Concluding sentence.

For effective communication and to be convincing, you should not miss any of the phases described above. And take seriously the answer to the questions. All this will make the process smoother. It will make you appear more secure in front of your customers and your audience and make it more natural.


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