Friday, September 23, 2011

How to identify the type of site to be carried out to make money online

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Until some time ago, the creation of a website was available only to technical experts, today thanks to the use of CMS and the many programs that allow editing of a site, anyone can achieve it without having any advanced knowledge of the language HTML.

Despite this opportunity, I think it is necessary to have the basic concepts to achieve and maintain a site with some knowledge of the facts.

First of all pages that form a web site must fulfill specific functions:

    * Be of interest to visitors from an aesthetic and commercial;
    * Advertise the business or service in a way clear to correct;
    * Provide all the necessary information;
    * Guide the user in a user-friendly navigation.

This can be possible only if the pages are simple, clear, complete, interesting and structured so that the load on your part does not require excessive time.

Each web page must have 4 key features:

    * Identifiable: each page must be easily identifiable and be charged as soon as possible to make it visible to the user;
    * Attraction: the visitor must be justified in finding the pages even after their submission, will pass only after analyzing the offer;
    * Clear: you should easily understand everything that is presented;
    * Dynamic: some animation can help make the page interesting and lively.

In creating a website is necessary to consider various factors that may characterize, so before you put it on, I think we should do preparatory work in terms of:

    * Company logo;
    * Keywords (phrases and words describing the page);
    * Custom images such as banners, icons, navigation buttons, various decorative elements;
    * Colors sober and not exaggerated;
    * Audio and video elements;

I also think some basic rules that you should follow to build a successful site with which to earn money online.

    * Customization of pages: who wants to offer products / services not available in generic pages, each page on the contrary to attract attention and differentiate?
    * Is the optimal length of the web page (this deserves a separate discussion between two solutions to assess, several pages or a few short pages long);
    * Speed of loading: absolutely need to create pages for faster loading from the user. Pictures, graphics, banners, video and audio must be loaded into a period of 10-20 seconds, which means keeping the page on a maximum weight of around 70/80 KB. If not, many visitors may abandon the site because of the long and tedious waiting time.
    * Feedback page on the Internet: It is important that each page has its own identification and this happens through the URL. It is also necessary that through visualization of 'URL you understand the meaning of the page you are' to view.
    * Appropriate language: the language of the site is crucial to be able to have a positive impact. It should not be formal, nor informal. It should be appreciated by the target segment to be achieved.

What do you think? Programs as the creation of your website or your pages?

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