Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Techniques of Market Position

Many complain that their product is equal to that of the competition and therefore the sale can only be achieved by playing at a lower price. To answer the question: How do you sell a product without lowering the price?

So listen carefully: we sell to customers without lowering the price, knowing the positioning techniques.

Definition of positioning in marketing: Place a product in the market means to identify a space and then be able to do it crucial to differentiate from the competition. By choosing a particular type of placement, the customer can (and should) feel the uniqueness of your product and get away from that previously purchased.

The techniques of positioning claim if the sellers have a positive impact on motivation and behavior of the customer to buy.

Let's see some positioning techniques:

First go to study why customers buy the product of competition. Doing market research.  Should be clear the degree of customer loyalty or disloyalty to the product. Analyze every facet of your search, go to root out the hidden reasons why the customer buys from others.
For example, each customer has a specific psychological predisposition. Customers will pay more attention towards new products, different behaviors, compared to customers less attentive. Not all customers are likely to again. So you know too much dose a marketing campaign to push new product or technology.

Here are possible alternatives for the positioning, which does not have a target to reduce the price of the product that I recommend:

The differentiating features to be highlighted to the customer: quality, good packaging, and corporate branding. Ease-of-use consumption, after-sales service etc...

You may also re-evaluate the following: if your product has long been on the market, would it be to check the image on the market. It may be that it no longer matches the goals you have set with the new positioning. The images have two completely different and perhaps even in opposition could lose the necessary credibility that a product must have a certain market segment.

And if you want to sell a product at a high price?

If there is a high price should be well clear differentiation that characterizes it. It can be highlighted through an advertising campaign and promotional support, as well as through a series of elements such as the presentation of the product, its brand name, status, service connected, the exclusiveness etc...

Now you know how you could make working on positioning your product more competitive, even raising the price.
My advice is to not take the easy way Sag price, because in the long run affect the profitability of your business. Take your cue from the recommendations that I suggested to change other variables marketing.

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