Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Logistics management in selling online

Logistics management, online business

The online sale is compared, for some features, at a distance sale by mail order.
Indeed, the distance is one of the most ambiguous concepts addressed by those who sell and buy on the Internet, place virtual void all boundaries, becomes suddenly real when a customer makes its call, wherever they live, the goods it has to be delivered, physically!

Consequently, a good logistics becomes critical.
The customer is true, is known in advance and agrees to immediately take advantage of the chosen product. But what is willing to wait? And as the weight on the success of a company will have a duration of this waiting?
Important questions because in my country, the mail-order sales have not been able to dominate just because of the slowness and unreliability of the postal service.
The e-commerce has already come to terms with a certain mistrust of its sales channel, can not afford to disappoint customers about the benefits and services.
The consumer is expected efficiency and quickness and above the agreed delivery times are actually fulfilled.

So how to keep their promises?
First of all a company can not miss a thorough internal logistics plan in time to allow content

    * Check the current availability of the product (preparing research systems and rapid retrieval of goods in warehouses)
    * Give confirmation to the customer.

At this point we will proceed to

    * Return the product,
    * Make delivery directly to you (via specialized transporters).

All these operations, while responding quickly and effectively to the needs of consumers, they also represent, for businesses, a considerable extra cost, especially for goods of low unit value.
Require fundamental stores are always open, select partnerships with reliable partners, good distribution network.
Without neglecting to offer customers the opportunity to inquire at any time, online status of your order, ensuring maximum transparency.

Given the considerable effort required, companies are engaged in the search for optimal solutions that do not involve, however, excessive use of resources.
The direction taken, seems to be that of cooperation and interaction.

We design it, concentrations of merchants online, completely independent from the standpoint of the types of goods proposed, but with a strong standardization of the organizational system.
In this way, while maintaining their special characteristics business, logistics management costs could be reduced by exploiting the high number of daily orders and shipments.

Concerning in particular the voice of freight, one of the most expensive, most efficient solutions are sought.
If there are very few who decide to integrate its own distribution networks within the organization (too expensive), have assumed a central role in the great "express courier.
The belief is that they can ensure, through the experience already acquired and in the established distribution network, an effective service. Often come true strategic partnership between the giants of the "quick delivery" and businesses.

But other cases along the path of cooperation, have been made.

Especially the original German proposal that includes an agreement with oil companies to ensure that customers can pick up your product at the service station where you normally supplies.
More rational instead the idea of ??interacting with the postal delivery services that can rely on a traditional spread throughout the country. Solution that would combine the advantage, benefit for the customer.

Logistics management is certainly not been settled. The experiments are, however, many organic and innovation in order to implement a total area of ??such importance for the future development of e-commerce.

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