Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New online business models for beginning

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How do you sell online? How best to monetize a medium so large? Very interesting questions that give rise to very fruitful answers. If they ask, first of all the major player, unable to move a user traffic to a lot of zeroes, and often with high-profiling database: two real "treasures" which however have turned into profit. And the equation is not always immediate.

The first step to successful networking is to create projects with strong appeal to attract / engage / retain users. But the second step, fundamental, is to make a significant success from an economic standpoint. I may be many ways but the substance does not change.

In confirmation, the new strategies introduced on YouTube shows an effervescence in the constant search for solutions more efficient. Surely remember the questions that accompanied the purchase of the number one video sharing site from Google: many wondered how he was Big G to monetize almost 330 million visitors.

The response was not immediate but eventually it arrived. Let us see in detail, along with other models being developed.
How do you monetize YouTube

Relying on target very large and heterogeneous, the current notion of YouTube is to make (almost) every video a direct sales tool. In the past the immense amount of traffic and visitors had been used in a very efficient, thanks to the difficulty of properly contextualize the advertisement in a movie. Not to mention that solutions would be too invasive very annoyed users.

Thanks to a partnership with iTunes and Amazon, Big G is now possible to buy the song in just a few clicks we're looking / listening. A good shortcut to increase conversions visitors-buyers through the "closeness" between the time of the consultation and their online store.

Can it work? Maybe. The new video now covers the proposed officially by music majors and subjects but also affect early movies uploaded by users. If recognition technology will work, YouTube could really become a great musical marketplace enriched by the opportunity to "experiment" (ie listen) songs and authors.

In truth, Google would and could do more: why stop at music? And so the same system simultaneously watch / buy has been applied to video games, another category widespread.

Potentially, the principle could be extended to many other types of services and products,
towards creating a kind of experiential marketing 2.0: The user uses multimedia to watch / listen and then purchase.

We are at the beginning, and then expect immediate results and is a little too blatant. The direction, however, seems set correctly: monitoring developments.
How do you monetize MySpace ?

MySpace perhaps he had not yet given serious thought and only now comes to advertising on a platform that was the number one social network in the world (before the advent of Facebook): My Ads.

Conceptually, it is a system already known to users: pay per click method and contextualization of the desired target. Nothing new, but rather intuitively very attractive to the critical mass available and accessible.

Leaders have high expectations of earnings related to the new tool, for better or worse? The optimism is not misplaced, but even here caution is required: you must understand how the community can be attractive to companies looking for online visibility.

If you want to reach specific target MySpace is a very interesting space for other audiences but I expect much more tepid reactions. Missing words that universality "guaranteed" by other sites / community.
How do you monetize Facebook.

Facebook already has its advertising platform (Facebook Ads) but I can do much more. With the bulk of users, the trend in growth and the amount of data available, you might consider even more effective tool for bringing advertising.

How? By leveraging the largest groups and the meeting place between people, developing systems for increased integration between applications and advertising. There will be fun in short.

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