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Online Advertising and Benefits that can be taken

Online Advertising

According to the annual research Internet Ad Barometer issued by the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA), the Internet stands out as a medium of choice for advertisers to optimize the results of advertising.

    * 81% of those surveyed in 2008 maintains that spending to online has grown dramatically and provides a similar trend during the two years (+16% in 2009 and +17% in 2010).
    * 82% of advertisers say they have increased investment on the internet claims to have derived directly from the budget resources dedicated to print media (40%) TV (39%) and especially direct marketing (32%).
    * 73% of affected states to increase use of on-line as an advertising medium
    * The 31% decrease in state in his use of the television medium
    * The 40% say the same regarding the use of newspapers

Internet Ad Barometer was commissioned by the EIAA to provide valuable information on the role of interactive advertising is in the marketing mix is the attitude of the major advertisers across Europe.

The results reveal the prominent role of online: 38% of the experts describes a medium 'essential' (vs. 17% in 2006).

Benefits for Brand and formats of online advertising

More than three quarters (77%) of respondents said that online advertising has had a positive impact on the perception and knowledge (68%) of their brand.

It also seems that the results are directly translatable in the intention of more than half of them (55%) to increase the advertising budget over the next two years.

In addition, 40% of advertisers see the Internet as a decisive means to influence purchasing decisions (from 30% in 2006) to generate sales (46% vs. 31%) and to increase customer loyalty (23%).

As for the format of online advertising, according to 80% of respondents will be the Search item of expenditure up to 2010, while 59% will invest more money in the display.

Budget of the multi-national online campaigns
According to the research, advertisers are now allocating an average of 11% of their spending online advertising on a regional rather than national. On average, at the regional level, advertisers have also seen an increase each year equal to the rate of growth in their online advertising spend in 2008 than their local equivalents (24% vs.21%).

Multinational campaigns across Europe
To understand how to plan and implement budgets dedicated to online media campaigns for pan-regional, EIAA studied the mark left by multi-national advertising campaigns on the Web

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has analyzed points for buying some examples from EIAA network partners, all in a span of about 3 years. Further research is always conducted by PwC were also on behalf of Microsoft Advertising. Research shows that advertisers Europeans see a possible complement to international agreements and plans between the local media.
The union, in short, creates added value in terms of efficacy and control spending.

International campaigns are now in the planning and buying by all European markets. To a large extent the activity generated by the UK, Germany and France. Buyers of such campaigns are also European-style U.S., South America and Asia.

Based on these elements, the actions of international advertising display on the Web are estimated to grow by 150% (in the last 3 years). This is a growth rate faster than campaigns purchased locally. In terms of these campaigns include investments to generate over 175 million in net revenue in 2008.

"This research shows that while other forms of media are suffering from the slowdown in investment, online continues to increase the percentage of advertising budgets as brands increase their impact, value and potential ROI," said Alison Fennah, Executive Director of the EIAA. "Advertisers in Europe are beginning to realize the operational and economic benefits offered by the adoption of international strategies online."

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