Monday, July 4, 2011

The 10 characteristics of a leader

The management is nothing more than that '"entity" that creates and supports an organization.
Without good management, any company is in great difficulty.

The problem, however, is that in terms of leadership there really is a lot to learn. In addition, therefore, continuous training, there are at least 10 points that managers should remember at all times if you really want to be guides for successful organizations.

Without a plan you do not get anywhere. One of the great responsibility of management is precisely to plan, design and learn to better manage situations.

The ability to communicate well covers various spheres: that of writing, the sphere of dialogue and also that of listening.
To qualify as a very good communicators, it is important to be good in all these three fields.
How many managers who do not know how to really listen? How often hide behind their monitors as people are trying to talk to them?

Knowing how to make decisions
The "fence" is controlled well by sitting behind a desk. But the job of a manager is to get results.
If you will simply "put out the fire" and avoid making decisions, never succeed in advancing the organization he works for.
Getting used to make decisions and prepare to the fact that it will take some really wrong is essential to begin to aspire to leadership. Fear must not cripple who's in charge of a group of people.

We all like to do some things. Unfortunately, as a manager, it is all too easy to adapt to make more activities that belong to this role.
Everyone likes to do things they do best and would, therefore, little risk. However, if the manager does not learn to delegate, it is very likely to fail in its mission.

Problem Solving
And 'manager's job to face and solve problems and offer employees the tools to support this work.
The others will watch expecting to see him do exactly that.

Job interviews
The staffing is probably the biggest financial investment that an organization can do.
Few, however, managers who agree to take part in the selection interviews of people who will join the company.
The manager must learn how to conduct a good interview is to support the trained personnel to do so. In this way, putting his own instincts in the service of recruitment, will have a good feedback, when they have capable staff.

A system of assessment of human resources, if properly set, can improve employee motivation.
The manager must make sure you understand the processes in which the organization works, set of valid parameters for the evaluation and conduct meetings with employees in a professional manner.
In this way, will soon have a good return on the part of those who work with him.

Managing poor performance
Sooner or later, all managers are faced with a person who seems not to "work".
Many ignore the signals, but by doing so, will only open the door to new problems.
Affronts now the thing, talk to the person, say what you expect from her, giving feedback on his way to work, however, takes advantage of in-debt.
A true leader will always make sure to well understand the person that his behavior is in line with expectations from the company and help him to improve.

Motivating people
And 'the manager responsible for the achievement of results.
And 'he who must get people to join them, keeping them motivate, although it is difficult.
And the basis for success. You can start from something as simple as the use of "thank you", so much maligned in recent years.
We must learn to use a positive attitude and start to develop good habits that, in the long run will make a difference in people management.

Financial Management
There are many managers who believe that the Administration and Finance Department will take over the gets one of each type of financial problem.

Unfortunately it is not.
The company has spent money to bring management to work for her and expects in return for economic results.
For this reason, a good manager should begin to evaluate their decisions and actions, including from a financial point of view.
If you do not have the right skills to do this type of evaluation will be necessary that the developments as soon as possible through good training.

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