Friday, July 8, 2011

SEO and Positioning: The Critical Factors

Getting high rankings on search engines is the basis of online business. But to get a good position in the indexes of the engines is necessary to adopt certain criteria. Many in fact are the factors that influence the ranking of sites on search engines. Basically it talks about two types of factors:

*On-page factors

*Off-page factors

On page factors are those that include the optimization of the real site to the code. The off page factors, however, relate to everything that is outside of the site and include the set of incoming links, from different backgrounds, whether they be from directories, blogs or social networks.

Optimizing a website is definitely the starting point for all who deal with Article SEO (search engine optimization). "Content is king," say the Americans. A site full of useful content is a weapon increasingly successful in terms of positioning and conversion objectives. A well-made content-rich site captures the interest of the user who will be motivated to continue visiting our blog. But to make all this content just intercept the traffic is always necessary optimization.
Identify keywords that are more targeted to what is covered and optimizing your site based on them without losing too much in terms of thematic nature.

The Title
The most important element in terms of optimizing web pages is the title tag. It’s important for SEO and optical ctr of our pages. Because it is the first thing a user looks in the search results should be drawn carefully avoiding optimizations often useless to the limit. 80 characters will fit around here and put our main key, the one that jumps to the eye and we want to attract the user.

Meta Tags
The description tag has its importance, not so much in optical SEO as to maintain a high CTR in the indices of the results. Here, too, must be synthetic. 160 on hand to tell the user what we offer in our pages, without being misleading and untruthful without promising anything. Worth the high bounce from our pages and then a real failure of our SEO work.
As for the keywords tag, however, it is fair to say that search engines like Google do not take into account even more. Our advice, however, is to enter a few words that appear within the text of the optimized page.

The Content
It 'the key, and is becoming increasingly important in optical SEO. Years ago, simply fill out the content of Web sites with a certain percentage of keywords. The algorithms of the engines selected sites with the highest occurrence of a particular keyword and the game was done. Over time, engines have become increasingly sophisticated and tend to provide useful results on web user experience. So it became important to the subject matter rather than the percentage of keywords present. The engines are looking at a lot of information beyond simple keywords. Examine the background. The web agency that are experts in website creation and positioning are well aware and are increasingly turning to you and less to the search engine, as it should be.

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