Friday, January 6, 2012

International SEO, the way to be found in foreign markets

SEO Web Marketing is an activity that allows companies to make visible on search engines like Google pages of their websites in an organized manner and without having to resort to paid advertisements in the Google AdWords program.

Optimization for search engines (Search Engine Optimization) company of the pages of a site, such as an e-commerce site that sells shoes, is carried out using different methodologies and different. One of the most neglected by many companies who use the Internet as a vehicle for customer relations or who wish to sell their products through an e-commerce site is the internationalization of their website.

The aspect that is often overlooked by those who have an international clientele that is not enough to translate the text on the site in English. Have a section in English or German or French will have virtually no effect on the traffic coming from search engines. This is because not everyone knows that being in the top positions for a particular keyword on the search engine not necessarily be in the top positions in the UK version of Google. We can imagine the different national versions of Google:,,,, as so many separate markets. A Frenchman who seeks information and products on Google will be automatically ported to, which is the transalpine version of Google. A German will be brought on the German version of Google whose URL is

So, if our potential customers live in Germany, we should place our site in the top positions of search results on But what we must do to be first on the different national markets Google?

The answer to this question is very simple to understand and require little effort on the part of companies that want to land on the international markets. The first thing to consider is the domain name.

Specifically, we must take into account the fact that the extension for Google. Clearly it indicates that our company website is an Italian site. If our company had a website domain name Google would be inclined to think that it is a German site. Of course there are other parameters that identify the nationality of a site, but this factor is crucial. And what happens when our website although it is located in Italy with Italian hosting server has the extension. Com? In this case, Google recommends using one of two methods. The first method is the third-level domain name or sub domain: or uk.nostrositoaziendale. The second method is to a subfolder with the indication of nationality: / or de / UK where de indicates Germany or German and UK indicate the United Kingdom or English.

That's it? Of course not. If you have to sell to customers who do not speak your language and culture not your own you have to make the effort to think like them. A German customer expects to find on your site is attending the same things that other sites in Germany. The first thing you will naturally take care of the text to be written in the language of the market. Who will write the text on the site should be as a native speaker and this seems unnatural to avoid the eyes of your customers. A language is not just words, but in special moods from culture. It may take even dialect or slang words. Also you have to understand the attitude of that particular population against a site: you trust? Buy online? They tend to be formal?

Let us recall for example that in German there is a third person pronoun are equivalent to our formal English you while you only use you. I at this point we understand how the costs can increase substantially because you might find in the situation of having to manage multiple sites. Nevertheless, we do not need to host websites on hosting foreign markets. In practice, if our target is France is enough to have a site with texts written in French, but there is no need to buy hosting space in France, the Italian will be just fine. All this, however, if we stay in Europe and we do not consider markets as far away as Brazil and Japan. In these cases, to avoid slow connection or aspects of a legal nature (in Brazil is particularly difficult and expensive to buy domains if you are a resident) is preferable to rely on a local hosting company. It must be said, then, that Google is not the only search engine worldwide.

Bing, the Microsoft search engine, has achieved significant market shares by reducing U.S. only 65% of Google searches by Americans. Furthermore, the influence of both Google and Bing stops at the Western world. Examples of popular search engines are Yandex east - - which is used in the countries of 'the former Soviet Union and recently in Turkey and Baidu - - which is the leading Chinese language search engine. Although these search engines other than Google's rules and peculiar ways that are important to understand to be visible in those markets, but the complexity is such that real specialists for search engines oriental.

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