Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2 ways to make money online with niche blogs

There are many ways to make money online today, and among them I want to put your attention on how to make money with the "Niche Blog". This is a business that is growing more and more and many people try to get their hands inside. But how do you make money online with this system?

The key here is efficiency and quick return. You must keep in mind at any time that your goal is to make the most of mini niche sites in a short time, while maintaining the quality and the look.

But at this point you are asking yourself how to earn money with niche blogs? Simple, 2 solutions are:

    * Sale of the blog quickly at a low price;
    * Use of niche blogs to make money with affiliations in context to that category.

In this post, I'll try to explain some key points on which you must bet, if you're trying to make money online by launching websites.

You need to install wordpress? Yes, because it is one of the most SEO CMS and more easy to customize. This is what we will do:

    * Register domains
    * Try to keep them all in a different niche;
    * Make sure that the niche is popular and much in demand (for example, during the Christmas season you could bet on a blog with Christmas dishes, recipes, songs, etc.).
    * Of course, the niche should not be too competitive, should be enough to have the 'interest of potential buyers;
    * Install WordPress on all;
    * Configure & Customize.

From this point, start working on them one by one. Individually, of course, you do not have to buy a custom theme for each of these blogs, there are many free themes that can make your case, it is important that you remember to have a custom header and a logo for each site, as it will help you be different than other blogs that use the same theme as yours.

For the plugins, not going to experiment with new plugin that exist. Install those needed such as: All in One SEO, Google Sitemap Generator, Comment Captcha plugin, Secure Login System, post-layout for google adsense and a plugin for the contact page.

Your next step is adding content. Remember the key - quick and easy. You do not need 100,000 words of content in a 'mini-niche site'. I'd say, 4-5 posts of 400-500 words each will be more than enough. Remember DO NOT forget to modify and change the About page. And be sure to add a contact page.

Regarding the aspect of SEO blogs, SEO you have installed the plugin that allows you to have a title and description optimized, and to complete the speech just to change the permalinks structure and a title and an adequate description of the blog. This is optional, but recommended.

Once you have done this, you will have a mini-blog with content, only a logo, a theme decent, and all the necessary plugins.

Now you can decide to take the 2 ways. Sell your blog? or try to take advantage of the affiliations that are present in that niche! Experience, I advise you not to exceed in the first case in the price (maximum US$100) and the second within a year to see how much you fruit affiliations.

Good luck and be action .....

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