Sunday, October 30, 2011

The 5 Mistakes To Avoid If You Are a Seller

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Today I want to talk of the 5 mistakes that reflected more often in those sellers who do not get great results in the sale. Where if you really avoid five mistakes that I describe below, I am sure you will succeed in marketing what you offer to customers.

Let's see in detail

   1. They have too many limiting beliefs about their profession or their product. A seller who is not keen to see what takes place daily, which is considered a nuisance, who thinks the customer is always right, who is afraid to talk about the price of the product or worse, think that the price is too high. Has not estimated the company he works at, or think that the competitive product is better. It 'better to change this seller immediately craft. There will be no course that will improve sales. Why will you learn the techniques, but will trigger a tamper mind that he will soon return to the initial failure.
   2. Do not listen to the customer or listen too. I assume the customer is always right. Sometimes I soak the same customers because they make me spend too much time. If the client says bullshit, politely and firmly tells him it. Other sellers do the opposite, do not listen to the customer, and consider it a stupid or misinformed. Here, too, are mistaken. Let your customers talk, we give some useful information to continue the conversation, building trust and close the sale. Today the customer wants to be heard and not want to hear monologues or old slogans.
   3. The seller will soon leave his job before getting results. This is a profession that thrives on perseverance. I've seen sellers leave the field of selling too early to see the results. Give yourself time, work hard and achieve your goals. Personally I found that I wanted to leave right after, came the much-desired sales and also abundant.
   4. Do not treat the relationship with existing customers. Too easy to make a sale and then disappear. I see too often. Then the seller is surprised that the old client is passed to the competition. Of course! Did you feel sometimes? Have you seen if he had to meet other needs? Have you considered a person? Have you mailed?
   5. Do not update. Today is no longer enough to know their product. People with internet have this fantastic opportunity to learn. The seller cannot be outdone. He must know more than the customer. In a lecture of my courses online sales, I suggest doing an exercise: the trainee must write at least 5 benefits of your product, not written on the brochure from the company.

Well many fall by the pear tree.

This shows that as a seller you cannot be considered a consultant. If the customer discovers that he knows more than you, do you consider worthy to sell anything. In short it is a seller so little.

Well, here are 5 mistakes to avoid. If you do your the contents of this article, you're on your way to learn the sales techniques that will lead you to success.

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